November 19 2014

Why Your Film Needs A Professional Poster

The result is now an award winning poster. A poster that hooked us our sales agents and caught the attention of our future distributor.”
– Alexandra Boylan,



April 8 2014

Badass Poster Alert: The Drownsman Art KILLS It!

I’ve said it time and time again… a good one-sheet is enough to get me to watch a movie. Screw floating heads with pensive expressions. Hollywood, take note… See this poster for The Drownsman? THIS is how you do it!”
– Steve Barton,



July 23 2013

Axe Attack on New Bloody ‘Antisocial’ One-Sheet

…excellent and visceral new poster.”
– Steven Davies,



July 23 2013

The Axe Drops July 31st at the Fantasia Film Festival: First Poster

The graphic shows actress Michelle Mylett as Sam. Sam, apparently, has an axe to grind and she also has murder on the mind. The tagline promises that ‘this is no ordinary virus.’ And, Sam shows some signs of infection as seen in her veiny, right arm.”
– Michael Allen,



July 22 2013

Fantasia 2013: Poster Premiere for Antisocial

On tap right now is the poster premiere for Antisocial!”
– Uncle Creepy,



July 22 2013

Blood soaked first poster for Antisocial

…has just revealed its first blood soaked poster with the tagline, ‘this is no ordinary virus.’ The poster is cool as hell, I think you guys are really going to dig it!”
– Ryan Miller,



July 17 2013

Exclusive: Psychedelic Release Poster For Shaka King’s Sundance Stoner Comedy ‘Newlyweeds’

Ahead of both pre-release screenings, S&A has been given an exclusive first look at the film’s first official release poster, which is embedded in full below. I asked director Shaka King to talk briefly about the poster’s design (which I love), and here’s what he shared:

The “Mean Streets” poster was actually a major inspiration. I always liked the smoking gun merging with the cityscape and knew I wanted to do something similar. We were also inspired by a lot of Grateful Dead album covers because they contain a lot of mystery and quite frankly, make you want to get high, if that’s your thing. We believe we have a cult classic in this film and the poster should reflect that.


It does have a kind of retro, psychedelic vibe to it.”
– Tambay A. Obenson,



Feb. 21 2013

The Art of the Poster: Big Ass Spider!

The holy grail of movie marketing has to be a single poster that makes its point so perfectly, the target audience is jumping online to check the release date…That makes Big Ass Spider a text book example of the Art of the Poster.”
– Jeff Rabouin,