Altered Perception

Altered Perception is about the governments attempt to produce a designer drug aimed at correcting the false perceptions people develop throughout their lives during times of trouble, trauma and stress. The implications could be far reaching. From helping abuse victims readjust, to solving geopolitical problems that result from prejudices formed by status, class and religions. But first the clinical trials must prove that medicine is effective. The lives of four couples, their past and present, will be examined while taking variations of the new drug. The process, however, may cause some to doubt their own memory, perceptions and sanity.

Starring Jon HuertasJennifer BlancJade TailorHallie JordanMatthew ZiffEmrhys CooperNichola FynnMark BurnhamLarry Wade Carrell, and Aileen Burdock. Directed by Kate Rees Davies.

2015 Communicator Awards – Award of Distinction